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Life & LIGHT

Having worked as a designer for many years, Louise believes that architectural lighting is a powerful metaphor for how we perceive and create our life.

“Light shapes the space, controls the atmosphere, and focuses the attention of buildings of the world and of our own inner world.”

Lighting illustrates, instantly and provocatively, the innate tensions within the human condition: Darkness is much more than the absence of light: it’s an entire world of concealed form. When light emerges it brings from out of the darkness a meaning, a relationship to more than can be described with words.

Louise spent her formative years as the daughter of a Canadian diplomat in the Foreign Service. She and her family were in government duty stations abroad for many years, including in New Delhi, India; Paris, France; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Tunis, Tunisia; and Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. 

It was during this time that Louise acquired her bilingual skill, cultural sensitivity, and a deep appreciation for many forms of artistic expression, including pottery, photography, painting, architecture, doll making and jewelry design.  

She returned to Canada as a teenager and pursued her design education in Ottawa. She feels that spending her girlhood immersed in the creative atmosphere of diverse cultures led to her choice of design, psychology and creativity as her combined career path.    

Symbolically, architectural lighting dictates how people bestow order in a particular space; find connection and meaning between the order (or lack of it) that is revealed in the space and metaphorically within their lives. Proper lighting can quite literally show us the way, or lead to insight and a thoughtful examination of our innermost priorities.   

Louise is a designer, an artist, as well as a creativity and design instructor; She is committed to facilitate workshops that balance creativity with evocative thoughts and meaningful experience. She also coaches individuals in creative leadership. For more information about Louise’s lighting design work please visit

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