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"Our duty as people is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist.

We are collaborators in creation."

Pierre Teillard de Chardin

We offer art-based workshops and consulting services designed to advance the sustainable well being and development of individuals and organizations.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of services through innovative practices that reflect the changing needs in a rapidly changing world and awaken the best in the human spirit. We provide clients with integrated support in the following areas:

Consulting Services

Strategy development & solution design

Facilitation Services

Art-Based Workshops


Team building

Professional Development Art-Based Workshops

Leadership development

Leading through change

Managing stress creatively

Skills for a healthy workplace


Meetings, round table exchanges, focus groups

seminars and conferences

presentations and public speaking


Employee engagement and commitment

Reduced stress and sick leave

Improved employee performance and team work


Creativity = Improved teamwork

Greater problem solving skills through holistic thinking

Higher change navigation and maneuverability

Enhanced leadership

Increased internal focus and communication

Better client and colleague appreciation

Improved time management and priority recognition

Integration of work-life balance

It is easy in our digital age, to lose sight of the organizational conditions that promote high levels of creativity.

At times it seems as if technology, is responsible for such progress, but it is not the case. Rather, it is people, working together in high-performing collaboration who reach beyond boundaries to come up with new ideas.

Organizations that encourage innovation are more likely to succeed than those who are stuck in their ways of doing things.

B. Budrovic

In rational decision making, how much creativity is acceptable for an organization?

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